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Fully integrated with the ERP of the company.

Eliminate rework integrating at no charge, the QMS system of Qualyteam to the database of your management software.

Training and online support at no cost.

You do not pay for assisted guidance, calling or techniques hours and can request support whenever you need.

Unlimited space in the database.

Store all files, the history of document reviews, indicators, non-compliance, among others, free of charge.

Unlimited user registration.

All employees, sectors and business units can be registered, with no increase in the monthly fee.

Hiring per module.

Purchase only the modules you need. As your business develops QMS can purchase additional modules.

Update at no cost system.

You will always have the most current version of the system. Updates are automatic and occur so an improvement is located.


& Leverage results

Document management

  • Facilitates the creation, approval and review
  • Maintains quality document history
  • Print control
  • Specific permissions to access and download files
  • Warns when changes or the deadline of a document

Indicator Management

  • Alerts by email when there are values ​​or when the goals are not met
  • It includes retained earnings
  • Trend line and automatic graphics
  • Integration with ERP of your company

Management of non-conformities

  • 5W2H, deadline control and automatic alerts
  • Corrective action, corrective actions and opportunities for improvement
  • Strategic planning and overview by graphic

Management audits

  • Ready models checklist
  • Online monitoring by leaders
  • Schedules with alerts by e-mail
  • Standard report and generation of non-compliance
  • Improvement opportunities Generation

Management vendors

  • Control products purchased
  • Notifications to the supplier
  • Supplier evaluation
  • Control of non-compliance
  • Ranking of the best suppliers

Calibration Management

  • Control standards and measurement equipment
  • Generation and control reports
  • Expiration alerts by email
  • Automatic calculation calibrations

People management

  • Identifies training required to list the presence and effectiveness evaluation
  • Facilitates performance evaluations
  • Generates map skills and controls the evidence

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