Documents Management

  • Facilitates the creation, approval and review of documents
  • Maintains quality document history
  • Print control
  • Specific permissions to access and download
  • Warns when there are changes or the deadline of the document expires

Indicators Management

  • Alerts by email when there are values ​​or when the goals are not met
  • Includes retained earnings
  • Trend line and automatic graphics
  • Integration with ERP of your company

Nonconformities Management

  • 5W2H, deadline control and automatic alerts
  • Corrective action, corrective actions and opportunities for improvement
  • Strategic planning and overview by graphic

Audits Management

  • Ready models checklist
  • Online monitoring by leaders
  • Schedules with alerts by e-mail
  • Standard report and generation of nonconformities
  • Improvement opportunities Generation

Suppliers Management

  • Control of the purchased products
  • Notifications to the supplier
  • Supplier evaluation
  • Control of non-compliance
  • Ranking of the best suppliers

Calibrations Management

  • Control standards and measurement equipment
  • Generation and control reports
  • Expiration alerts by email
  • Automatic calculation calibrations

Collaborators Management

  • Identifies the required trainings with presence list and effectiveness evaluation.
  • Facilitates performance evaluations
  • Generates skill maps and controls the evidence

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