It includes retained earnings

Easy to find and use without formulas

Integration with ERP

Alerts by email when there are values ​​or when the goals are not met


New Indicator


With FLAG you can define who will collect the data, who will analyze the results and how often these results are managed. The tool also allows the automatically data collect from other indicators or other softwares, generating comparative graphs and customized according to the customers desire. An optimized filter lets you find graphics of a certain process, period or responsible in just one click.



The person responsible for data collection is notified by email. The collection of information is a snap. When the results are not collected on time or do not reach the set targets, those responsible for management are notified by e-mail, facilitating monitoring of the process.



At this stage, the FLAG allows the person responsible for analyzing the results register comments and open a non-compliance from the graph, if the goal is not reached. The tool offers a number of scenarios for analysis of data collected through comparative graphs, trend curves and results for the period, guiding the manager in decision making.


"What performance indicators are needed for the Quality Management?"

The ISO 9001: 2008 does not define which indicators are required, but requires to be measured and monitored customer satisfaction, internal audits and processes. The terms "measuring and monitoring" does not imply the use of graphical indicators specifically (they can be made ​​through monthly reports, for example). If your company opt for the indicators to monitoring, the FLAG can make this a more practical work, automatically alerting when there are delays or the goals are not met, and also has an optimized screen for meeting presentations and enable indicators to be created for all processes, areas or even business unit.

"What should I do when the indicator does not reach the goal? Should I always open a nonconformity?"

If the indicator goal hasn’t been reach, you should review it and, if necessary, may open a nonconformity, according to what was defined by the procedures of the company. The FLAG alert those responsible when goals are not achieved and allows the recording of the analyzes in the indicator itself, or even open a nonconformity.

"What steps should I take to ensure the analysis of indicators that show poor results?"

Often employees do not remember to record the results of performance indicators within the established deadlines. It is also not uncommon for managers themselves forget to do the necessary analysis. The FLAG reduces the chances of this happening, automatically warning by email the leaders and managers.


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